"Since each of us was several, there was already quite a crowd."

rhizome.world is the online home of the Davis Hypertext Society

The Davis Hypertext Society does 2 things.

1. THEORY: Website review

Every week, members pick a cool website (a site with extraordinarily cool design/animations/content/vibes)by voting. We then meet up as a group to discuss/critique the website, and look under the hood to see how it's made.

2. PRACTICE: Maintain rhizome.world

The site you are looking at is a loose amalgamation of individual web pages submitted by members. The site is open source. Individuals are encouraged to submit their own pages to be added to the site, and are free to link to other peoples pages as they'd like.

The idea is to provide a space for people to experiment with one-off web concepts. Make a site dedicated to a three.js experiment, a new layout you want to try, a miniature game, a new UI element you've been toying with, for your musical/artistic/film project, just to introduce yourself - anything.

The goal is to try and recreate the feeling of a musical jam session, within a website.

The important rules are simple. Don't touch other people's stuff, and don't post anything political or offensive.

We have some other technical conventions we follow, just to make sure people don't step on each other's toes. These can be found in the README in the github repo.

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